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Programs / Wireless

In addition to our satellite services, ACS provides Fixed Wireless Communications Systems consulting services to help our clients to design, procure, and manage fixed wireless communications networks. Whether you are an ISP or a data services provider considering a wireless network, ACS has the technical experience necessary to provide the most optimal solution for just about any data telecommunications scenario.

ACS has implimented wireless technology including wireless products including modems and RF transceivers, as well as wireless systems such as point-to-point and point-to-multipoint TDMA systems.

ACS can provide fixed wireless network design services on a consulting basis. Deciding which technologies are most applicable to your wireless network is an exacting job, but it can save tens of thousands of dollars in wireless system costs. ACS has also helped customers in procurement, making sure that bidders can be compared on an even-keel, and help negotiate the lowest system cost. If you're considering a large fixed wireless system, contact ACS today.





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