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Training and Support is one of Agile Milcoms highest priorities as a communications integrator. With today's globalization trends and merging economies, it is evident to most that technology has taken away from support and training maybe more than it has contributed. The world we are living in seems to be falling behind in these fundamental concepts of proper customer training and support. Agile Milcoms believes a true gauge of project success is the level of customer satisfaction for the weeks, months, and years following the installation/integration.

Beyond Requirements & Specifications

Stopping at the pre-determined training specificiations and requirements is not always adequate to ensure a customer's success after the project is complete. Through Agile Milcoms thorough customer training practices, clients will be prepared to handle most operations and issues when they arise.


Documentation and Resources

Statistics have proven that much of what is told or taught to us is not retained. With that being true, companies use a lot of resources every year on waste. That is why Agile Milcoms takes the extra step to provide its customers with multiple documentation resources after the training has taken place to make it easier for customers to "recall" the information learned in training. Both physical documentation and secured online resources when applicable are used as continued support to customers after the project is completed.

Create Self-Sufficiency Environment

Agile Milcoms believes that a successful training session results in an after-project environment where the customer operates at a peak self-sufficient level. Support will be available when needed, but it is the primary goal of Agile Milcoms trainers to have Technical Support not be a crutch but a nice-to-have resource available to customers post-training.



24-Hour Technical Support

Life's problems and issues unfortunately don't arrive between 9 and 5, and neither do technical issues. In order to provide the highest level of support to a world-wide customer base, Agile Milcoms has technical support staff available 24 hours a day to handle its customers technical support issues.






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