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Agile Communication Systems is comprised of telecom and satellite professionals who have over 60 years of real world experience in:

  • Designing, Implementing, and Deploying numerous Large Aperture Hubs

  • Designing and Installing both Private and Shared Hub Configurations

  • The Design & Installation of one of the first large-scale digital e-Cinema systems in the US

  • Designing and Installing the First DTH/DSS System in Poland

  • Vast experience in the areas of VSAT system design, installation and program management

  • Designing and Implementing Emergency Response Systems and Disaster Recovery Systems

  • Designing and Implementing the State of California OASIS System

World-wide Experience

Just some of our International Clientele includes the following Industry Leaders:

  • Boeing: Digital Cinema Projects

  • Hughes Network Systems: Hubs, DAMA, TDMA and VSAT Projects

  • GE Spacenet: Assorted Special Projects (including VSAT)

  • State of California: Disaster Recovery Projects [OASIS]

  • US Forestry Service: Assorted DataComm Projects

  • Tachyon Networks: HUB and VSAT Projects

  • NASA: Various Uplinks and Downlinks

  • PolSat: DTH DSS Systems Design and Installation

  • US Television Networks: Fly-away Systems

Industry Focus

We Focus our efforts on assimilating the latest digital communications technologies and products for our clientele, allowing ACS to design and install the most robust, cutting-edge fault tolerant digital data communications facilities. We have positioned ourselves to be able to design, install and deploy both fixed large aperature permanent installations, as well as mobile vehicle voice, video or data command centers.

With our expertise in data optimization and distribution, we can accommodate our client text, audio and video data with utmost ease and unwavering reliability. We keep our clients on the leading edge of digital communications technology each and every day.

A number of vertical industries fuel demand for our unique services, including satellite, telecommunications, wireless, cellular, internet, digital signage, home entertainment, government and public sector, transportation and medicine to name a few. Our technical astuteness in the usage and optimization of current data, software and hardware products and technologies allows us to provide long-term solutions that fit our customers on-going data transportation needs and fall within their budgets.






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