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With increasing frequency, telecommunications datastreams are transporting more and more "rich media" data deliverables to the public as well as the private sector. This is driven mainly by an increasing number of "wow!factor" business objectives usually coming out of corporate Brand Marketing, Advertising, Promotion, Public Relations, Press Relations, Retail Sales and Training departments.

New telecommunications applications such as Retail Digital Signage, Point-of-Sale Advertising and Electronic LED Billboards continue to proliferate at an expanding rate. ACS' expertise in the transmission of this rich media data will become tantamount to many of our clients' success stories. You could say ACS also stands for: "Always Count on Success" when you use ACS!

Due to these on-going advertising industry developments, ACS offers Marketing Programs that integrate our expertise in high-bandwidth data communications infrastructure with our expertise in rich media data optimization and design. This allows our clients to deliver extremely high-impact multimedia content via an affordable datacenter system design.

These programs will permit our clients to distribute their branding and product marketing rich media content to their intended audiences worldwide, using a single point of broadcast (usually the corporate headquarters) beaming custom, real-time data into stores or other points of display with to-the-second pinpoint accuracy. If you can imagine it, ACS can make it happen in the real world.





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