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The best planned and designed project will not reach optimal success levels without proper implementation techniques. With over 30 years of satellite and communications installation experience, Agile Milcoms program managers demand and ensure that implementation efforts result in pre-determined project deliverables.

How does Agile Milcoms ensure these efforts end in success?

Wide Range of Communication Industry Experience and Expertise
Many communications integrators have reached levels of success through specific project types or a market niches. Although succeeding in a niche market is a good strategy for many companies to pursue, it doesn't always mean they are the best match for their clients' project im plementation, installation, or integration needs. Agile Milcoms range of industry-wide experience and expertise offers the ability to handle the unforseen, and be both re-active AND pro-active to most any issue that may arise during any stage of a project.


Company-wide Industry Knowledge
Some companies are composed of pockets or individuals with the necessary and needed information to deliver results at various stages of a project. This may work much of the time, but eventually a situation will arise when the specific individual or knowledgeable team will not be available. Agile Milcoms takes pride in hiring staff with experience in the communications industry and exhausts many resources to ensure exceptional training is provided to all levels of the organization - Technical and Executive positions alike.

Success Reached at Every Stage via our extensive:


  • Hands-on training both classroom style and in the field.

  • Strict reporting and review structure for delivering performance assessments.

  • Cross-market training to further support both broad-based and niche expertise.


  • Optimum efficiency and productivity levels are greatly impacted by the tools used. Agile Milcoms uses state-of-the-art physical hardware & test equipment and software/web-based tools & resources.


There is more than one way to reach project completion. However, there's only one Agile Milcoms way to get there:

  • All stages of the project are closely managed and documented to guarantee objectives are reached at every stage.

  • Clients are provided with online access to photos & documentation as Agile Milcoms understands the importance of visibility.






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