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Services / Service & Maintenance

Once a communications project is complete, it is very seldom the last time work or services will need to be provided. Agile Milcoms has been a service and maintenance leader in many markets for close to three decades. Its versatile teams and crews are equipped and trained for various duties, regardless of region, technical specifications, or length of service required.

Service Calls
It is often not cost-effective for organizations to hire communication companies for service calls. Many times the amount of the call and repair needed can cost as much as new equipment installation. Agile Milcoms representatives educate and consult with customers on possible options before arriving on site. And with our budget friendly maintenance structure a call won't break the bank.

Upgrages and Enhancements
Just as service calls for equipment can become cost-prohibitave, so can out-dated technology. Agile Milcoms can perform an evaluation of your entire system and recommend, install, and integrate the upgrade or enhancement.
Conversions and Modifications
When performing conversions and modifications to critical mission infrastructure, downtime and service interruptions are always a concern. Our staff have performed thousands of "live" equipment conversions and understand the importance of having a detailed plan prior to any modifications.

Long/Short-term Contracts, One-offs
Whether your organization is in need of a long or short term service contract, Agile Milcoms can offer a cost-effective solution to meet your needs.






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