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One of the best approaches to maintaining an investment in a high-technology data telecommunications system infrastructure is to properly train the individuals who interface with, and utilize the system on a daily basis. Knowledgeable operators reduce downtime and can spot maintenence problems before they become critical.

ACS offers management consulting in the area of end-user training, and can put together a training program customized to your exact systems specifications. Training materials should be developed by the professionals who designed and developed the data communications system hardware and software.

Administration of the training materials can be performed by ACS or can be implemented by the client on-site. Most clients choose a hybrid of these two options, by having ACS do the initial training exercises after installation and deployment, and then implement the on-going training and education programs that ACS has developed for the client (after their system is in "full-swing" utilization).

There are several other advantages of having employees who have been fully trained and educated in the operation and specifications of the telecommunications hardware they are leveraging to complete their daily tasks. Savvy employees can participate in meetings with management about future expansion needs where datacenter infrastructure is concerned, as well as making salient recommendations regarding maintenence, upgrades, modifications and end-user operating procedures meant to extract more revenues from the telecom systems investment.





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