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Programs / Manage

Agile Communication Systems' Program Managers are assigned projects early on in the development cycle, to ensure success from the outset. They have the overall responsibility to manage all of the activities, in order to ensure total customer satisfaction. Our managers work closely with our clients to provide seamless communications and assistance, in order to keep the project moving in the right direction and within its intended timeframe.

ACS's Program Managers are responsible to provide reports to apprise the customer of the most recent program status. Plus, we go one step further, with an optimal benefit:

We can provide current project updates via a password-secured link that anyone in the client's firm can review on a daily basis. This allows our client's employees to see the progress of the project if they need to. This unprecedented manner of communication provides our clients with the latest in daily progress reporting technology. Whether it's a large aperture HUB antenna system installation, or a re-location of existing infrastructure or plant facilities, this status reporting service is indispensable to both our clients, as well as their clients. Our clients that have used this service, now insist on it! You will, too, once you experience it's effectiveness.

These services have been developed over many years of specialized customer service by our program managers. Interactive status reporting has allowed our team to deliver more on-time and on-budget operations than most other integration firms around the world, regardless of location. In our industry, expertise trumps proximity every time.





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