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Without efficient programs in place to evoke optimal usage of telecommunications hardware and software, a major investment in ACS Hardware Design, Procurement, Installation, Fine-Tuning, Deployment, Training and Maintenence can go under-utilized. 

In order to fully leverage one's investment in Satellite or other Communications hardware, firmware and software, programs must be put in place which extract the maximum performance result from the telecommunication system's inherent design capabilities. 

One of the distinct advantages of our expertise in the design, installation, deployment and on-going usage of our client's telecommunications infrastructure is that we understand the minimum and maximum design characteristics of each component we utilize in building our custom networking systems. We can pass this knowledge to our client through management training and other telecommunications-related programs outlined in this section. 

This is the reason that ACS is also the logical candidate for the creation of our client's management programs. These management consulting programs provide our clients with fine-grain control over their Operations, Data Distribution, Data Optimization, End-User Training, Marketing and even on-going Maintenence and System Upgrades.

The creation and maintenence of these programs require a number of critical decisions to be formulated "up front" into rule-sets that are then implemented by the client. This must be done in a clear fashion and referenced during each and every workday, and in each and every employee who interfaces with the clients' Communications Systems. Once this has been accomplished, a maximized ROI can be achieved from the initial Communications Systems investment.





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